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Colombia conflict and peace process

Recording and edition of broadcasts for the Spanish TV channel CUATRO and in-deep social features for the German TV Deutsche Welle. Coverage of the 52-year conflict through the victims,

ex-combatants and a series of reportages inside a FARC camp in the Colombian jungle. 

February 2016 - July 2018

Exclusive! Inside ELN camp. Chocó, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. December 2017

Re-incorporation of ex-Farc combatents to the civil life. 

PUTUMAYO, Colombia: Deutsche Welle, March 2018

Plan Colombia balance and US relations. 

PUTUMAYO, Colombia: Deutsche Welle, March 2018

EXCLUSIVE! Inside a clandestine laboratory of cocaine. 

Chocó, Colombia. Noticia Cuatro. December 2017.

The town that adopts corpses. PUERTO BERRIO,

Colombia: Deutsche Welle. November 2017.

LONG FEATURE! Wuasikamas, a coffee for the peace.

NARIÑO, Colombia. Deutsche Welle, March 2018

The town that adopts corpses. PUERTO BERRIO,

Colombia: Deutsche Welle. November 2017.

Graffitour, hip-hop and art in the favela. MEDELLIN, Colombia. Deutsche Welle. November 2017.

Operación Orion and Escombrera, the missing.

MEDELLÍN, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. November 2017

Farc economy projects. Meta, Colombia.

Deutsche Welle, August 2017.

New Farc political party. BOGOTÁ, Colombia.

Deutsche Welle, September 2017.

Papa Francisco visit. Colombia: Deutsche Welle,

September 2017.

Poverty and forgotten Chocó region. Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 15/05/17

Coca growers against forced eradication. TUMACO, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 21/03/17

New Displaced people in post-conflict. LLORÓ, CHOCÓ, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 16/05/17

Sexual Violence and children abuses. COLOMBIA: Deutsche Welle. 08/03/17

Oil trafficking in the Colombian-Venezuelan border. CÚCUTA, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 29/05/17

FARC desmovilisation. LA VARIANTE, TUMACO, Colombia: Deutsche Welle, 01/03/17

Cuban doctors trapped in Colombia. BOGOTÁ, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 06/05/17

Return of the bulls to Bogotá. Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 02/02/17

Murders of social leaders. CAUCA, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 08/12/16

Works on removal of antipersonal mines. SAN RAFAEL, Colombia: Noticias Cuatro. 27/08/16

Victims of the 50-years armed conflict in Colombia. BOGOTÁ / PUERTO BOYACÁ, Colombia: Noticias Cuatro. 20/03/16

Landslide tragedy. MOCOA, Colombia: Deutsche Welle, 04/04/17

Venezuelan migrants in Bogotá. Colombia: Deutsche Welle, 10/04/17

Bronx, the drug neighbourhood, a year after. BOGOTÁ, Colombia: Deutsche Welle, 12/06/17

Inside a FARC camp. Desmovilization. LA ELVIRA, CAUCA, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 18/12/16

EXCLUSIVE! Interview Tanja Nijmeijer, Dutch guerrilla.

FARC Camp La Elvira, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 29/12/16

EXCLUSIVE Interview Sigifredo López. COLOMBIA: Deutsche Welle. 25/11/16

Inside a FARC camp. One day routine. JUNGLE OF CENTRAL COLOMBIA: Noticias Cuatro. 18/09/16

Analysis on paramilitarism desmovilization. BOGOTÁ / LA DORADA, Colombia: Deutsche Welle. 28/09/16

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