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Refugee Wave in Europe

Bosnia without horizon

Doing the 'refugee route' from Greece until Germany as a Syrian, crossing five borders illegaly. Thousands of asylum sykers arrived from Syriza, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan to the Greek islands in order to reach Germany or any other northern European country. The massive influx of migrants generated a crisis in the European Union (EU) over the Schangen-Agreement. 


Location:         Idomeni (Greece-Macedonia), Miratovac (Macedonia-Serbia), Roszce (Serbia-Hungary), Austria and Munchen (Germany).

Date:               4-11 September 2015

Equipment:    Canon 7D Mark II, Lens Canon 18x55mm

Phantoms of Patras

Around 50 Afghani are hidden in abandoned factories near the port of Patras, to wait the opportunity to go under the trucks that travel to Italy by boat. The Police come during the night twice per week, so most of the refugees are wounded by escaping from the Police and some of them even died. The youngsters between 14 and 23 years old eat pasta and bread that some local organisations bring. They have trouble sleeping because of the Police threat, the cold and the rats. They all agree that in the building there are spirits. Despite all the troubles, they keep dreaming of a better life in another European country and not being frustrated. The amount of money that they have already paid to arrive in Greece goes around 4.000 euros. Most of the Afghani entered Greece by boat to Mitilini and afterwards they spent one month living in Alexandra Park, Athens.


Location:         Patras, Greece

Date:                 06-07th December 2014

Equipment:     Canon 400D, Lens Canon 18x55mm

Thousands of Venezuelans are pouring out of their crippled nation in one of the biggest migration crises in Latin American history, causing growing alarm in the region and prompting neighboring countries to rush thousands of soldiers to the border. The massive scale of the exodus is being compared to the flow of Syrians into Western Europe in 2015. And, just as in that crisis, countries overwhelmed by the flood of new arrivals are beginning to bar their doors. In the border city of Cúcuta desperate Venezuelans are now living in parks and cheap motels or sleeping on sidewalks.


Location:         Cúcuta, Colombian-Venezuelan border

Date:               March 2018.

Equipment:     Canon 7D Mark II, Lens Canon 18x55mm

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