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Bosnia without horizon

Bolivia has been a strategic place in Latin America and has always been a factor of dispute between the major powers in the region. In the past it was ruled by several families of important landowners, who were descendants of settlers controlling the country from La Paz. With the arrival of Evo Morales as president in 2005, the power has moved to the colla (indigenous native), who want to take revenge with the camba (white descendants), who are historically richer than them. Because of electoral interests, Evo Morales’ government has forced the migration of collas from the highlands of La Paz (West) to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the capital of East Bolivia. It is difficult to find specific statistics, but nearly 37% of the new immigrants are from the West states whereas half of the population of Santa Cruz –total of 2 million– was not born there. In the city the ethnic differences between both cultures, often creates social tension. The colla, who arrived with the dream to get a better life, suffer in the marginality and racist confrontations are casual.


Location:           Puerto Quijarro, Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Cochabamba, Bolivia

Date:                   November 2012

Equipment:       Canon 400D, Tamron lens 18x200mm


Daily Life of the Peru small cities in the Pacific coast and in the Andes, affected by the activities of large industries.


Location:            Candarave, Punta de Bombón and Tacna, Peru

Date:                    December 2012

Equipment:        PENTAX K-1000, Lens PENTAX 15x80mm


Daily Life in the Chilean big cities and the issues of fishermen because of the presence of enormous mineral companies.


Location:             Antofagasta, Chile

Date:                     December 2012

Equipment:         PENTAX K-1000, Lens PENTAX 15x80mm


Daily Life in the provincial Argentinean people, who often still have a rural way of subsistence and costumes.


Location:             Salta, Rosario, Buenos Aires

Date:                     January 2013

Equipment:         PENTAX K-1000, Lens PENTAX 15x80mm

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