Venezuela crisis

Recording and edition of broadcasts for the Spanish TV channels CUATRO and TELECINCO

Venezuela elections, end of Chavism supremacy and political power conflict. Exclusive interview

with the Spanish presidential candidate, Albert Rivera, during his visit in May. Reportages about

the food and health emergency. December 2015 - currently

Main common grave and cemetery looters. CARACAS, Venezuela: Telecinco. July 2017

Sterilisation and clandestine abortion due to the crisis. CARACAS, Venezuela. Noticias Cuatro. July 2017.

Chavist neighbourhood before Asamblea Constituyente referendum. CARACAS, Venezuela: Noticias Cuatro. July 2017

Increase of prostitution due to economic crisis. CARACAS, Venezuela. Noticias Cuatro. July 2017.

Illegal commerce on the Venezuelan-Colombian border. CÚCUTA. Deutsche Welle. 03/01/2017

Food shortage and humanitarian emergency. CARACAS, Venezuela. Broadcast: Noticias Cuatro. 23/05/16

Portraits War betwwen Government and opposition. CARACAS, Venezuela: Noticias Cuatro. 09/01/15

Cúcuta, the Venezuelan refuge. CÚCUTA, Colombian-Venezuelan border: Deutsche Welle, March 2018.

Baby abandonment due to crisis. CARACAS, Venezuela. Telecinco. July 2017

Scarcity on Venezuelan hospitals. CARACAS, Venezuela: Noticias Cuatro. 23/01/2017

Venezuelan people going to Colombian hospitals. CÚCUTA, Venezuela-Colombian border: Deutsche Welle, 02/01/2017

Health emergency and shortage of medicines (images inside a hospital). CARACAS, Venezuela: Noticias Cuatro. 25/05/16

EXCLUSIVE! Interview with the Spanish presidential candidate, Albert Rivera, during his visit in Venezuela. 24/05/2016

EXCLUSIVE! Visit of Leopoldo Lópezhouse, jailed opposition leader. CARACAS. Broadcast: Noticias Cuatro. 16/09/15

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