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Against austerity, Spain

Bosnia without horizon

Barcelona has historically been a place of high social and working tension. Known as 'The Red City' because of the strong presence of anarchism, social movements have a prominent role in public life. With the Spanish economic crisis, several sectors such as Health and Education have mobilized to fight the cutbacks and the austerity plans imposed by the European Union. The protests aim to defend a welfare state increasingly weakened, and also to protect the interests of the lower classes. More than 600.000 were expulsed from our homes, because they couldn’t pay the mortgage. Other milliards are in risk to suffer this situation. Many other people were affected by a bank fraud. Some banks cannot return the savings to many people, who were deceived because of risky investments. Therefore, the political corruption accentuates the social unrest against the politics and the financial system.


Location:          Barcelona, Spain

Date:                  February - May 2013

Equipment:      Canon 400D, Lens Canon 18x55mm

Against government, Macedonia

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Macedonia's capital on Sunday, waving Macedonian and Albanian flags in a dramatic display of ethnic unity against a government on the ropes after months of damaging wire-tap revelations. Crowds packed the central avenue in front of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's government office, angry over a flood of disclosures that the West says have cast serious doubt on the state of democracy in the former Yugoslav republic. Police in camouflage uniform were in the basement of the building. The crisis rocking Gruevski's nine-year conservative rule is the worst since Western diplomacy dragged the country from the brink of all-out civil war during an ethnic Albanian insurgency in 2001, promising it a path to European Union and NATO membership.


Location:         Skopje, FYROM/Macedonia

Date:                17th May 2015

Equipment:      Canon 7D-Mark II, Lens Canon 18x55mm

Pro-government, Macedonia

Macedonia’s embattled prime minister rallied thousands of supporters on Monday in a show of force a day after opponents held their own mass protest to demand his resignation over months of damaging wire-tap revelations. The crowd in central Skopje appeared comparable in size to Sunday’s opposition rally when tens of thousands called for Nikola Gruevski to quit over a flood of disclosures that the West says have cast serious doubt on the state of democracy in the former Yugoslav republic.


Location:         Skopje, FYROM/Macedonia

Date:                 18th May 2015

Equipment:     Canon 7D-Mark II, Lens Canon 18x55mm

Against corruption, Brazil

The apparent growth of Brazil, as the world’s greatest emergent, does not coincide with the global well-being of its population. The Brazilians pay high taxes that do not correspond with the quality of the public services given to them. The political corruption and the enrichment of small elite generate big inequalities. The Brazilian people, who still are in process of identity construction, claim their rights in spontaneous mobilizations. Because of their disorganisation, the social movements do not reach their aims. Nevertheless, the feeling of dissatisfaction is latent, along with an increase of the social conscience and critique of an increasingly informed youth.


Location:             Goiânia, Brazil

Date:                     March-June 2012

Equipment:         Canon 400D, Tamron lens 18x200mm

Cupula dos Povos Summit, Brazil

In parallel to the Rio+20, official ceremony organized by the United Nations, many social movements round the world celebrated the Cúpula dos Povos (Nation's Summit). The meeting addressed members which had collective problems such as social exclusion, environmental issues, lack of human rights (housing, land, resources) and the fight against persecution of indigenous people by the powerful. The event brought together hundreds of activists for a week. They stayed at the Sambódromo, where the facilities provided by the Government did not even fulfill the minimum conditions of health and safety.


Location:            Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date:                    18-24th July 2012

Equipment:        Canon 400D, Tamron lens 18x200mm

Rio+20 Summit, Brazil

The ostentatious luxury of the international summit Rio+20, organized by the UNO, which brought together all the world leaders, rather contradicted the defense objectives for the environment which was the very reason for the meeting. The discussions, lectures and pavilions of every country, served as a ground to establish institutional networking between them. However, the final result was only an agenda of proposals to improve the quality of the planet, without any binding value or commitment for the fulfillment of the discussed objectives.


Location:             Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date:                     18-24th July 2012

Equipment:         Canon 400D, Tamron lens 18x200mm

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