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Roma people in Eastern Europe

Burn Cochabamba


Production:  Sfantu Gheorghe (Romania)

                     28th June - 5th July 2014

Time:            8:23 min.


Roma people are one of the poorest and discriminated minorities in Europe. Their nomadic habits and strong traditions make more difficult their integration. In spite of the institutional efforts, they continue to beaten as a work. Their main problem is the unemployment, but on the other site, the families don’t support the Education of their children. “Why must my son go to school, if he can bring money from the street?”. Almost all of them don’t finish the High School. These images of Örkö (community inside the city) and Nagyborosnyó (village) show the lake of basic necessities and the rural way of life. The photos were taken during the training course ‘Human Rights – Roma Rights’, organised by Asociata Youth Media, in Sfantu Gheorge, Romania.

Calunga, Brazilian tribe

Production:             Cavalcante, Goiás, Brazil

Running Time:        10:47 min

Recorded:               FUJIFILM photo-camera

Edition program:     Premiere 



Interview with the calunga's leader, Dona Procipi (nominated for the Nobel Prize on 2004) and her son. Calunga was a community of ancient slaves that still live on isolated mountains of Middle-Centre of Brazil. Dona Procopi started a struggle to defense the rights of the calunga and get basic supplies as water or electricity. In spite of being illiterate, this woman was the icon of all marginal groups on the country. 

Music Show announcement

Production:           Barcelona, 26th June 2013

Running Time:      4:49 min


Promotion of the classical music show 'Himnes a la nit', by Sira Hernández and Óscar Intente on Sala Maldà. Video uploaded on Youtube for promotion of the event. Recorded with a ENG set and edited on Premiere. 

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